Trade In Value – Windsor


Discovering the value of your pre-owned vehicle has never been easier. With our convenient Value Your Trade-in calculator, you can obtain an estimated trade-in value from the comfort of your home or office. Just provide some basic information about your vehicle and contact details, and you'll receive an estimate quickly. It's as simple as a few clicks!


Provide Your Information

Provide us your information by answering a few questions so that we can offer you an accurate estimate.

Receive Your Estimate

Obtain your estimate value coupon, which provides you with an accurate assessment of your car's total trade-in value.

Contact A Dealer

Contact a Rafih Auto Group dealer through our Buying Center near you for an in-person accurate vehicle appraisal.

Collect Important Documents

We will provide you with a checklist of the required documents to bring with you when visiting the dealership.



Trading in your vehicle saves time and hassle compared to selling privately. Skip advertising, negotiating, and paperwork by bringing it to the dealership for a convenient, one-stop trade-in process.

Expert Assessment

During a trade-in, dealership experts meticulously evaluate your vehicle, including condition, mileage, demand, and market value, guaranteeing a fair trade-in value aligned with current market conditions.

Financial Advantage

Trading your vehicle lowers the price of your new one. The dealership deducts the trade-in value, reducing financing needs and enabling affordable upgrades or lower monthly payments.


Choose your preferred Rafih Auto Group dealership through our Buying Center for all your vehicle needs, trade-ins, and purchases. We strive to provide a seamless experience that makes buying a car hassle-free and rewarding. Trust our Buying Center for all your car-related needs.

458 Talbot Road North
Essex-Windsor, ON N8M2W6

9375 Tecumseh Rd,
Windsor, ON N8R 1A1

1155 Provincial Rd,
Windsor, ON N8W 5V9

1150 Provincial Rd,
Windsor, ON N8W 5W2

9379 Tecumseh Rd E,
Windsor, On N8R 1A1

108 Erie St N,
Leamington, ON N8H 0A9

9425 Tecumseh Rd E,
Windsor, ON N8R 1A1

9225 Tecumseh Rd E
Windsor, ON N8R 1A1

1150 Provincial Rd,
Windsor, ON N8W 5W2

9275 Tecumseh Road East,
Windsor, ON, N8R 1A1

9275 Tecumseh Road East,
Windsor, ON, N8R 1A1

9425 Tecumseh Road East,
Windsor, ON, N8R 1A1


The trade-in value refers to the amount a dealer is willing to offer for a consumer's vehicle, which can be used as credit for purchasing another vehicle from the dealer's inventory. Sometimes, the dealer may offer a higher trade-in value if the vehicle is highly sought-after and considered desirable for its inventory.

Our online car price guide is an effective method to assess the value of a car. By entering the vehicle's details and contact information into the guide, you will receive an estimation of the car's worth.

Indeed, it is important to confirm if the trade-in value will cover the outstanding car loan. If the trade-in value falls short, the remaining balance will be added to the new auto loan, owing more than the vehicle's worth. In this case, you will pay the difference between the loan balance and the trade-in value.

It is advisable to address any minor repairs before valuing your car for a trade-in, but investing in major repairs may not be worthwhile. Spending a significant amount of money on major repairs could exceed the vehicle's trade-in value, making it an imprudent decision.