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2021 Ford Edge Walkthrough | Performance Ford | Rafih Auto Group

The 2021 Ford Edge is equipped with a 4-cylinder 250 horsepower motor. Like all Ford vehicles, the back panel windows are tinted. There are sleek rear lights in the back along with the iconic Ford badge and the Edge emblem.


2021 Ford Escape Titanium Hybrid Reviews | Performance Ford | Rafih Auto Group

We at Performance Ford have got all new redesigned 2021 Ford Escape Titanium Hybrid. The Titanium Hybrid comes with standard 19-inch rims. Under the hood, it has got a 2.5 Atkinson Hybrid motor that gives an impressive 200 horsepower and more impressive 48 miles per gallon.


2021 Ford Explorer ST Review | Performance Ford | Rafih Auto Group

Do you need something that will get you through the tough winter country roads and the urban jungle? Do you need space to haul gifts and food as well as people? We have the perfect SUV for you. Here at Performance Ford, we have the 2021 Ford Explorer ST.


2020 Ford Expedition King Ranch Review – What’s New & Different | Performance Ford

One of the most prominent Ford vehicles, the Ford Expedition King Ranch is a gentle giant when it comes to driving dynamics and performance, and a machine that uses a smooth and quiet character to help create a relaxing driving environment.


2020 Ford Explorer Platinum Review | Performance Ford | Rafih Auto Group

The 2020 Ford Explorer Platinum is equipped with 21-inch rims and two-seat combinations – six-seat and seven-seat capacity. The trunk of the vehicle can be opened by quick swift action by foot beneath the SUV. It comes with safety sensors throughout the vehicle including park sensors, rear sensors, and front sensors.

Four Vehicle Warning Signs You Should Not Miss | Performance Ford

We here at Performance Ford want you to stay safe no matter what, but we know that sometimes things surprise you. In this video, we are going to focus on four things that will alert you to a big problem with your engine.


What is FordPass Connect™ | Performance Ford | Rafih Auto Group

When looking for a new vehicle, one of the best ways to get a better deal is to trade in an older one. Trading in your vehicle at Overseas Motors Mercedes-Benz will get you a good price for it, and you will be able to use that money to purchase a new car.

Things to Keep in Mind During Test Drive Dos and Don’ts | Performance Ford

The test drive is an important part of purchasing a car. Before going to the dealerships, get a checklist of what you need. What are the things you are looking for in your vehicle?