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2021 Jeep Compass Trailhawk Review

The 2021 Jeep Compass Trailhawk comes with a 2.4-liter unleaded inline 4 multi-air engine and has a maximum horsepower of 180 at 1,600 RPM and a maximum torque of 175 at 3,900 RPM.


2021 RAM 1500 Rebel Review

This distinct looking, 4×4, Ram family member is available in the 4th generation 3.0 V6 Eco-Diesel which delivers 260 hp and now in the ‘21’s an increase to 480 lb-ft torque at about 9.7 L /100 km.


2021 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk Review

The 2021 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk has a 2-liter turbocharged inline 4-cylinder engine with 8-speed automatic transmission. It comes fully equipped with automatic LED daytime running headlights and automatic high beam control.

5 Best Used Cars to Buy

At Brampton Chrysler, we have got some most amazing collections of pre-owned vehicles for all kinds of requirements. Whether it is a sedan, a coupe, or a truck, you can choose from a variety of used vehicles that are as good as new ones.


What is Easy Pricing

Are you looking for a smooth, easy, and hassle-free car buying experience? Here at Brampton Chrysler, we have got the Easy Pricing system, which takes the guesswork out of pricing and gives you the best price for your vehicle.


Lease Vs. Financing

Lease or Finance! The biggest dilemma people across Canada come through. While leasing and financing have some similarities, they are actually very different methods of owning a vehicle.


Importance of Battery Replacement

Batteries last 3 to 5 years. When it starts to go, however, you will have problems starting the car, and the other systems will attempt to compensate for the lower battery quality. Check out the video and know the importance of battery replacement.


Fuel Injector Service For Dodge, Jeep and Chrysler

The fuel injector service at Brampton Chrysler is a routine service to keep the fuel injector service pattern correct for fuel efficiency and engine performance.